Jeff Crompton
…is a saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer from Atlanta.  
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Three Way Mirror - Downtown Players Club, Thursday, August 25; 9 PM
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Jeff Crompton
Saxophonist / Clarinetist / Composer Welcome - August 8, 2016
Welcome to the bare-bones version of my updated website. It will be fleshed out over the next several weeks. Stay tuned!
Jeff Crompton in an Atlanta native who has played his off-center, jazz-based music around the Southeast for 30 years. Among his musical associates have been pianist/composer Michael J. Smith, The Bazooka Ants, Darryl Rhoades, Roger Ruzow, The 4th Ward Afro- Klezmer Orchestra, and various groups of his own. He is a founding member of the Edgewood Saxophone Trio; their Snake Nation album made several “best of the year” lists in Atlanta. Besides the Edgewood Saxophone Trio, Jeff leads Three Way Mirror, with an unusual intstrumentation of saxophone, tuba, and congas.