Jeff Crompton
The Edgewood Saxphone Trio brings together three of the best saxophone players in Atlanta: Jeff Crompton on alto, Ben Davis on tenor, and Bill Nittler on baritone. The EST plays original, edgy, jazz- based music, with the occasional Steve Lacy or Ornette Coleman tune thrown into the mix. Click on the picture to go to the trio’s website.  
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Sataraš Quartet plays Jazz with a capital “J,” but doesn’t sound like any other group out there. The brainchild of Edin Beho (guitar), Sataraš plays traditional Baldan tunes, Crompton originals, and jazz “covers” no one else touches, all with intensity and unity of purpose. Click on the picture to go to the Quartet’s Facebook page.
The instrumentation of Three Way Mirror - alto saxophone, tuba, and congas - matches that of Arthur Blythe’s classic album Bush Baby.  But Jeff’s motivation for forming the group was his desire to play more music with tubist Bill Pritchard and percussionist Yaya Brown. Click on the picture to go the 3WM Facebook page.

Sataraš Quartet

The Trio finds Jeff teamed with the legendary Bob Stagner (a founding member of the Shaking Ray Levis) on drums and the amazing bassist Evan Lipson, one of that instrument’s most imaginative and innovative players. The trio plays original music ranging from freebop to ballads to totally improvised pieces. Click on the picture to hear “October Song,” from the Trio’s Magic Word album.


RoboCromp is the ensemble that will not die. Jeff and guitarist Rob Rushin starting playing duets together in 1989, and have kept at it off and on ever since, even after the guitar half of the duo moved to another state, and then another. Rob calls the music “Chamber Fusion for the New Millenium,” and that’s as good as any description.


In recent years, Jeff has been increasingly involved in composing more formal music - what is usually called “contemporary classical.” His Toccata for Brass Quintet has been played by the Midtown Brass Quintet of Atlanta, and his Sonatina for Toy Piano by the brilliant New York pianist Robert Fleitz.