Jeff Crompton
Sataraš Quartet is a jazz quartet with a difference. Sataraš plays traditional Balkan tunes, originals, and jazz “covers” no one else touches, all with intensity and unity of purpose. Saravejo-born guitarist Eddie Beho is the sparkplug of the group; he’s joined by Crompton on saxophone and keys, Colin Bragg on bass, and drummer Blake Helton. Click on the picture to go to sample their Errors and Omissions album.


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Buddy Bolden

The Edgewood Saxphone Trio brings together three of the best saxophone players in Atlanta: Jeff Crompton on alto, Ben Davis on tenor, and Bill Nittler on baritone. The EST plays original, edgy, jazz- based music, with the occasional Steve Lacy or Ornette Coleman tune thrown into the mix. Click on the picture to go to the trio’s website.
Three Way Mirror brings together three old friends from the Atlanta music scene - Jeff Crompton on saxophone and clarinet, John Arthur Brown on congas, and Bill Pritchard playing all the bass instruments - string bass, electric bass, and tuba. 3WM plays Crompton originals (both brand new and 40 years old!) and selected jazz classics by the likes of Monk, Ornette Coleman, and Coltrane. Click on the picture to hear the group’s unique New Normal album.



Trio Atlanta)

Buddy Bolden is a short chamber composed in 2018. Planned for concert presentation in 2020, the global pandemic necessitated a pivot to web presentation. The opera, featuring the Edgewood Saxophone Trio and a stellar cast, is available for viewing as a YouTube playlist here. Click on the picture to go to the official website of the opera.


Anagrams is Jeff on saxophone and keyboards & JD Walsh on guitars, keys, and electronics. It’s your typical jazz / not jazz / folk / funk / electronica / pop duo - in other words, Anagrams is all over the musical map, rearranging itself from tune to tune. Click on the picture to check out the duo’s “Roll Call/Springs” 7” record.


In recent years, Jeff has been increasingly involved in composing more formal music - what is usually called “contemporary classical.” His compositions have been performed not just in the Southeast, but in California, Como, Italy, and Seoul, South Korea. Clicking the picture will take you to the “Sound and Video” page, where you can view performances of “So Long” for solo saxophone and “Prelude and Fugue” for toy piano.

Sataraš Quartet