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Tutwiler Depot EP


Saxophone Trio

Snake Nation
RoboCromp But Does It Swing?

Jeff Crompton Trio

Magic Word
Duets with three master improvisers: Stuart Gerber (percussion), Peter Sloan (trombone), and Chris Case (piano). The album also features the only issued version of Steve Lacy’s saxophone / trombone duet “Dues.” Cover design is by Grammy-winning designer Susan Archie.

Jeff evokes two

moments in the

history of Southern

music via overdubbed

soprano, alto, tenor,

and baritone saxes

as well as clarinet.

7” 45 RPM vinyl.

Record or download available at Bandcamp.

The RoboCromp duo

early on, from 2005,

featuring originals and music by Steve Lacy and Cecil Taylor. There are only a few copies of the CD left (available at shows), but you can download the album at Bandcamp.

Jeff Crompton / Peter Sloan


Saxophone / trombone

(and percussion) duets with the talented player and composer Peter Sloan. Download only from Bandcamp.

Three Way Mirror

New Normal

Just another saxophone/

tuba/congas band, with Bill Pritchard and John Arthur Brown. 3WM plays jazz which does not bow to conventions.

CD or download available

at CDBaby and

RoboCromp Good and Bad Angels

RoboCromp is Jeff’s

long-running, long- distance duo with guitarist Rob Rushin. This 7” vinyl record / download represents our music 13 years in. Available at Bandcamp.
The Edgewood Saxophone Trio plays edgy, original music combining composition and improvisation. Ben Davis (tenor) and Bill Nittler (baritone) join Jeff in the EST. Available at CDBaby, Amazon, and iTunes.

Early work - this 1992

CD has the only issued tracks by Atlanta’s legendary Bazooka Ants, two tracks with pianist Michael J. Smith, and an overdubbed solo version of Lennie Tristano’s “Turkish Mambo.” Contact Jeff for a copy.

Jeff Crompton

Uncommon Goals
Jeff teams up with bassist Evan Lipson and drummer Bob Stagner (Shaking Ray Levis) for a set of adventurous free jazz. Available at CDBaby, Amazon, and iTunes.

Jeff Crompton


Jeff Crompton

Intense saxophone and clarinet solo music, alternating true a cappella solos with overdubbed, multi-horn pieces. Available as a 10” LP or download